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A Sustainable shopping guide pt. 2

Feb 16, 2018

To be sure, the offer of sustainable styles has vastly improved over the last few years. The days of tree-hugging fashions are happily far behind us. But still, finding brands that offer really fashion foreward pieces and at the same time make an effort to minimise their environmental impact and/or improve labour conditions for their manufacturers? Not always an easy job! That's why I started a small series in which I go on a quest to find brands that meet all of my standards.

Read Pt. 1 of this series right here if you hadn't already! Or head straight on to Pt. 2 for which I selected 3 brands and one multi-brand shop. Be prepared for some serious shopping cravings, because they all offer lovely pieces!

Winter 10x10 style challenge pt.2 (the recap)

Feb 9, 2018

I finished up the Winter 10x10 style challenge, hosted by Style Bee and Unfancy, a little later than most people who were parttaking. Due to uniform policy at work and hardly any out-of-home evening activities during the workweek, I had to spread it out over several weekends, but here we are. It's time for a recap!

Spotlight on small business Papierenwolk + A stationery goodies giveaway!

Feb 2, 2018

It's no secret that I am a diligent notebook hoarder and washi tape lover, so when Karlijn Vanaerde who just recently took the leap of openening her very own stationery e-shop Papierenwolk, asked me if I was interested in hosting a little giveaway, I couldn't have been more eager to oblige.

Lately I've been trying to steer clear from big businesses anyway (since I feel that they monopolise the market and often steal ideas from independent creatives), so writing a post on a small entrepreneur, seemed just right up my alley. Click through if you want to find out more about Papierenwolk's goodies and how to win, win, win!

A sustainable yoga wear shopping guide.

Jan 26, 2018

In the light of transparency, let me begin by confessing that the outfit depicted above is alas not particularly ethical or eco-friendly. I bought it at H&M last September (during my shopping diet, nota bene!), because I had started taking yoga classes and mainly because I wanted a treat. What can I say, making mistakes is part of the process of learning.

Anyhow, finding myself 26 days deep in the Yoga with Adriene True journey (okay, truth be told, I'm a bit behind, day 22 it is), my craving for pretty yoga stuff seems to grow stronger by the day. And to make sure that I won't fall headfirst in the same trap, I decided to peruse the net for pretty yoga stuff. Care to have a look?

Winter 10x10 style challenge pt. 1

Jan 19, 2018

As some of you may remember, last summer I embarked on a little style challenge, called the 10x10. And now, in the bleak midwinter, I decided to do it all over again! But before I get into my hopes and goals for this particular challenge, let me refresh a bit what this challenge is all about.