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A knitwear guide for slow fashion lovers.

Nov 11, 2017

One of the many upsides of cold weather season (not that there are really that many upsides, but I'm trying to be positive like Buddha here, so stick with me) is the fact that you can walk around in very soft, comfy, warm and cosy knits for days. Should you still be on the lookout for some pretty and sustainable options to add to your collection, then it is your lucky day pals! Because I assembled a selection of the loveliest cardigans, pullovers and turtlenecks.

How to make time for what is most important.

Oct 20, 2017

I am writing this at 11.26 am. So far the only useful things I did today were having breakfast, taking a shower, feeding the chickens, putting out the garbage and making a dentist appointment. I've been up since 7.15 and I honestly can not tell you where the rest of the four hours and 11 mins I've been up today have gone. So no, I'm not what you'd call a great time manager. Nor do I generally have any idea about what is most important to me. Even merely thinking about someting I would want to become good at or something I would want to achieve mostly makes me want to scream: STOP PRESSURING ME, after which I'd go hide under a blanket with a new episode of 'Dear White People'.

Like, duh! I started this blog as a celebration of lazyness. I wanted to create a place where everyone who felt that need, could escape from society's pressure to perform. A place where the notion of succes simply became irrelevant (because where's the pride in being succesful in the eyes of a society that fucking up the world anyway?!).

But at the same time I never really managed to shake the feeling that there had to be more to life than watching Netflix and reading books.

The 10x10 challenge pt.4

Sep 1, 2017

A week overdue, but here we are: my 10x10 challenge round-up. I you have no idea what I'm talking about: read all about it in pt. 1. I you are curious to find out what I took out of this little experiment, do read on!

The 10x10 challenge pt. 3

Aug 18, 2017

Part three of the 10x10 styling challenge y'all! I have to admit that things got a bit more difficult towards the end. Turns out styling 10 outfits with 10 pieces isn't that simple after all. But first let me talk you through what I wore.

The 10x10 challenge pt.2

Aug 11, 2017

My 10x10 is running at full speed my friends! Today I'm just giving you a short and sweet update on a couple of outfits I wore the past two weeks.